Here are some reviews from the swimmers that are using or even just tested out an Aquaman Aus Wetsuit.

Fiona Bagley - Crowdy Head Triathlon
Today at the Crowdy Head triathlon I wore the Aquaman Bionik wetsuit. The bionik suit allowed me to swim without restriction and have a natural style of swimming like I wasn't wearing  a wetsuit. This freedom of movement and the buoyancy of the wetsuit helped me glide with less effort  though the water , which improved my time and performance. It was very easy to get on before the race and off quickly which lowered my transition time. The design of the reverse zip was one of the ways that helped me remove the wetsuit quickly. I was especially pleased with the suits flexibility in the collar allowing total comfort. Great to have no rubbing or chaffing around my neck. Overall I am very pleased with the quality of the wetsuit and would  recommended it to other triathletes..